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Choosing The Right Dissertation Topic

When it comes to the issue of choosing your dissertation topic; a lot is involved in getting the getting it right from the word go. There are factors that will determine a student’s choice of a topic among the numerous options that are available online. Your institution/department requirements are a factor and you must follow it up by choosing a topic that you have interest and flair for.

What is the scientific and practical relevance of the topic to the society? You do not want to get stuck while writing the paper; so what are the available materials and data? Finally, can you do a clean job within the time frame allotted to the topic? 

The above are questions that you must answer before you begin work on any dissertation topic. Now, are you at a loss on how to go about the entire process? Perhaps you have gotten no idea about any topic? The following tips should come in handy.

  • The starting point should be to know the requirements of your department. What are the time frame and word lengths? Are you restricted to a particular topic or not? Make sure you key into all the restrictions before you begin the journey into your research work. 
  • The next factor is your field of research. It must be a broad one that will give you enough access to data and resources. Choose a field that you have an idea on; this will help speed up your pace.
  • Go in search of materials. You will get help online through the likes of Google Scholar, subject-specific databases. Materials from your school’s library will also come in handy here. You will need this as the basis for having a solid start through the process.
  • We talked about getting a broad topic; at this stage, you can now narrow down your topic to a level that is more specific. The narrowing process should be a gradual one. Choose a topic that other researchers have not worked on so as to confer on it the originality of your efforts.
  • You are expected to follow your own research approach and must decide on it at this stage. Your major focus here should be on: Collecting original data; analyze existing data; Interpret cultural objects and Compare scholarly approaches.
  • Your topic should not represent your self-centered agenda. Rather, it should be one that is practically; academically and socially relevant to the society at large. Your topic should be connected to the current issues and debates in order to make it have acceptability among the people.
  • We talked about the length of your dissertation; the time frame and the practicability of carrying out excellent research earlier on; all the factors must be considered and there should be assurances that you are not going to be caught napping. If the topic is too narrow; broaden it at this stage so as to avoid issues along your line of research.

At this juncture having made all assurances doubly sure; you can now present your topic for approval. You will then be assigned to a project supervisor. 

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