How to Organize a PhD Dissertation? Advice on Structure

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Tips For Composing An Impressive MBA Dissertation

A successful MBA dissertation is a vital step to completing one of the most sought-after degree programs to kickstart your career. Applying the lessons learned through the program, you are expected to skilfully blend theory with practical applications that have value outside academia. Dissertation writing requires patience and a high level of commitment in order to identify key problems in the business context and develop innovative ways to tackle the issue at hand. MBA dissertation projects are usually to be completed in the last semester of the program, and can range up to 15000 words.

Spend enough time planning the dissertation

Many MBA students struggle with their dissertation at the end of the year simply due to a lack of advance planning. In your final year, you should assess the dissertation requirements and actively track your progress towards the degree. It is also imperative that you have regular conversations with your academic supervisor in this regard, and create an estimated plan with timelines to keep you focused and gain clarity on long-term goals.

A great starting point is to review the topics completed in the modules and shortlist sections that appeal to you the most. Having a few MBA dissertation topics for consideration can go a long way in helping you figure out the tone and rationale you prefer to have for the dissertation eventually. Keep in mind, you should genuinely be interested and passionate about the area of study that you pick for your research, and be able to engage with it as a researcher. Speaking to other faculty members and peers also helps significantly when deciding on your dissertation from various angles.

Get the dissertation help you need

Don’t be afraid to approach faculty when you need dissertation help or want to brainstorm some ideas connected with your dissertation topic. While an MBA dissertation is meant to be an individual achievement to further your own understanding of the subject, an academic supervisor is there to fine-tune your arguments and give your clarity on the methodology you choose to do my coursework. It is useful therefore, to take their valuable inputs when required to polish the flow of your mba dissertation structure. Other supplemental resources for MBA dissertation assistance include guidebooks on dissertation writing and online support forums for student communities writing dissertations across different subject areas.

Plagiarism is not the answer

Your reputation would be ruined as an academician and a researcher, especially if your dissertation is found to have plagiarized content. Plagiarism is often considered by students as an easy way out when undertaking academic research. However, if caught, it has very serious consequences and is comparable to academic treason. Have faith in your ability to translate your learnings to an original work that you can claim ownership of, instead of borrowing ideas from other people. If you will be using human subjects for social experiments, surveys and interviews, you should ensure that they sign consent forms and the correct approvals are obtained from the department.

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